Our Story

Nimble Ventures is a group of experienced professionals who can create and develop products that people love and want. We then take products to the marketplace and make commercial successes out of them.

You should look at Nimble if you are an innovator with a new idea and do not have the experience to go through the incredibly complex process of market validation and product development. You might be a layperson with a neat idea, or possibly a professional with a compelling need, but you really don’t know what the next step is. Nimble has done this 250 times; we know how to do it.

It is very expensive to do market validation, product design and development, prototyping, testing, tooling, production, and distribution. This is why it is mostly done by large corporations. Nimble has the resources to perform all these functions. We are Partners with the Indiegogo crowdfunding portal which allows us to raise seed funds for projects with promise. This stage also provides market validation which is critical for the next big round of funding from our cadre of Angels, VC’s, and other investors.

New product development is far more complicated than most people can imagine. Investment in production and distribution is far more expensive than most people can contemplate. Nimble puts it all together. Talk to us if you think you have a good idea.