The Nimble team is composed of designers, engineers, marketers, and a variety of other professionals. Some are full-time and some are consultants but for every project Nimble will assemble the right team to get a project to success.

We have the experience of developing and bringing to market over 250 products; we want to apply this experience to all projects.

You should look at Nimble if you are a practicing designer, engineer, software developer, or other professional available to work on a freelance/contract basis on exciting projects.


John Arnott. President

John has extensive global experience and has been a serial entrepreneur starting seven companies. He has extensive experience in fundraising for his ventures and for philanthropic causes. He has raised over $12 million and has a clear understanding of strategic intent.



TBD.  Finance Director

A fully accredited CA will be part of the core Nimble team. We currently sub-contract.

We have partner firms in various engineering disciplines, marketing and communications, graphic design, and many other disciplines. We have consultants who help Nimble with tax credits and other financial issues. We have connections to a number of universities and a broad range of professors in many fields.